Child Safety

Safety Issues with Child Modeling

If you are under age 18, these are some special "rules" you need to follow regarding modeling.

1. NEVER contact photographers / agents yourself!

It's a dangerous place out there -- and not everyone who says they are a professional photographer or agent really is. Professional and respectable photographers / agents will only talk with the parents of a minor (someone under age 18) -- because the parents are legally responsible for making ALL decisions for their child. Also -- as a minor -- you can't legally sign contracts -- so again -- professionals will not bother talking to a minor because the minor "legally" can't make any decisions or sign any papers for him/herself.

If you do actually contact a photographer / agent, and they want to deal only with you (and not your parents) then you have likely stumbled onto a child molester or other social deviant. Stop communications with them immediately, and tell your parents about the situation.


2. Parents must attend ALL events

Not only for your own safety, but legally, parents need to attend all photo shoots and modeling jobs that you do. Again, they are the ones who make the "legal" decisions for their children, and they must chaperone every shoot and job a model takes. For this reason, complete cooperation from a parent is necessary in order to work on a modeling career. Your parent must be able to go with you and stay at every job until it's over. They must also be there to sign all paperwork, releases, and vouchers necessary. This might get to be too big of a burden if your modeling career starts to flourish -- so it's best to talk out these issues ahead of time.


3. Have your parents check if you need work permits

If you are attending school and are still a child, in some states you need to get work permits before you can legally take any kind job. This is especially true where modeling is concerned -- because it may require you to miss school hours for job assignments.


4. Don't put your last name, phone number, or address on your web-sites

As a minor, for your own safety -- you should never put information out on a web site so that people could find you directly. There are some bad people out there who try to find kids to kidnap or molest -- and any personal information which makes you easier to find makes you a potential victim.