Larger Markets


If you are in a large market (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, etc.) -- you are in the big time, and you should roll the dice and see what comes up.

By this, I mean you need you go directly to the largest agencies and see if they are willing to sign you. When you meet with them, you need to act and dress professionally. This is a BUSINESS relationship after all, and you want to look like you're credible and can actually do the jobs they find for you.

If you're signed, then you'll still want to "hustle" and check in frequently (weekly, daily) to see if there are interviews or jobs for you. You'll also need to complete all assignments in a professional and happy manner. Clients are unlikely to ever use an agency again if they send a model who shows up late and is argumentative during the photo shoot. When you're working with a client -- you have to "kiss butt" in the biggest ways. They happier the clients are (because you make them feel that way) -- the more likely they will be to use the agency in the future, and more specifically, request you for the job.


You weren't signed?

If none of the top agencies want you, then all hope is not lost. However, your thoughts of becoming a super-model are most likely down the tubes.

If you need portfolio photos -- the best way to get them is to do a "trade of time for prints" with professional photographers. Rather than paying thousands of dollars for professional quality portfolio photos -- you "earn" these prints by posing for a photographer's projects.

Normally, you get a finished 8x10 per hour of posing. These images are the "foundation" of your modeling career -- because your portfolio is the most important part of modeling your modeling talent.

It is time to find some great photographers, build up a fantastic portfolio, and then hit the agencies once again!.