Pro vs. Amateur

Difference between a PROFESSIONAL and WANNA-BE



1) an attitude/character and set of working relationships which increases the level of respect that his/her peers and clients have for him/her,

2) extensive experience in his/her occupation, including specialized training or apprenticeships with other established professionals, and

3) a majority of his/her income (more than half) from his/her selected occupation.


Without all three, you are NOT a professional.


If you have two of the three, then maybe you are a "Working Model/Photographer/etc."

If you only have one of the three, you are a "Novice / Apprentice" (or you are "darn lucky" if you're financially supporting yourself in a profession that you have little training or experience in).

If you have none, you are certainly a "Wanna Be."

If you do it only for fun, you are an "Amateur."



In order to earn the respect and professional reputation you deserve, you need to be hard-working, motivated, and willing to fulfill the needs of the clients interested in hiring you.

Modeling is REAL WORK, and just like other jobs - most of the time you are sweating instead of "having fun." The harder you work and the more you market yourself, the quicker you will get to a full-time income and a full-time modeling schedule. Unless you are dedicated and 100% committed - you will fail.